Walking Back To Georgia by Sasha Marshall

My Thoughts... If y’all follow my reviews then you'll know how I feel about this author’s work. Each reaction for each book is pretty much the same…mind absolutely blown, Walking Back to Georgia falling into the same category. The shock mostly comes from the fact that books that feature rockstars are not really my forte but I find… Continue reading Walking Back To Georgia by Sasha Marshall


Raze by Tillie Cole

My Thoughts... Oh my freaking goodness!!! Why-o-why did Raze have to end?! I think in all honesty I can say that this book has topped my favorite for this year. There is nothing that I could find wrong with this book, this book gripped me and didn't let go, not that I wanted it to.… Continue reading Raze by Tillie Cole

God Save the Queen by Kate Locke

My Thoughts... I was really intrigued and excited about the action and character interactions in God Save the Queen. This book contained so many angles and shock factors that it was an easy choice to go and pick up its sequel and concluding book from my local library eBook collection (thank goodness for those). In… Continue reading God Save the Queen by Kate Locke