Wild Man by Kristen Ashley

My Thoughts... I read the books in this series completely out of order, lol. I started off reading Mystery Man, then Motorcycle Man, and lastly Law Man, back to back a few months ago. I can’t believe it took me this long to pick up Wild Man, although after I finished Mystery Man, I didn’t... Continue Reading →


Tracker’s End by Chantal Fernando

My Thoughts... It’s such a blessing to be writing this book review and to have been able to read it in advance because Tracker’s End was phenomenal! My goodness, I thought that Arrow’s Hell would’ve been my favorite out of this series, but I seriously think that this book right here has knocked it out the... Continue Reading →

Dirty by A.C. Bextor

My Thoughts... Oh my freaking goodness! Dirty cannot end like this!! But the fact that it did is an injustice to all of the reading society! Ugh!! Deep breath, woman! Before I start voicing my thoughts on Dirty by A.C. Bextor, lets talk about this cover. Um, Um, Um! Tommy you are one fine male specimen, goodness... Continue Reading →

Play Nice by L.P. Maxa

My Thoughts... I’ve already said this before, but I have no problem saying it again, “Rock-n-Roll stories are not my thing!” But, now this is the new information, I have officially found the second author that has become the exception. I loved Play Nice from beginning to end, I seriously didn’t want it to end. To be... Continue Reading →

Sinful Intent by Chelle Bliss

My Thoughts... Based off this rating, I would like to make it known that I didn’t hate nor did I love this book. My thoughts veer towards the fact that Sinful Intent, was an enjoyable read, it wasn’t really my cup of tea, so it was hard for me to connect to it. Sinful Intent... Continue Reading →

Hayden’s Verse by A.C. Bextor

My Thoughts... When I finished Ace's Redemption I had no idea of what Hayden's story could've been about. I have never been more shocked and surprised by a storyline like I have with Hayden's Verse. I love the characters in this series, each book might be about a particular couple but I feel that each... Continue Reading →

The Gamble by Kristen Ashley

My Thoughts... 2017 Update: My thoughts have completely changed about The Gamble. I don't know what my mindset was during this first re-read but in the latest of Ashley's story I really fell in love with Nina and Max's journey. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to revisit those old stories and see if maybe your opinion... Continue Reading →

Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins

My Thoughts... Finally, I was able to read Fighting Destiny! I loved Synthia's character. Her stubbornness never got anyone hurt (which is always a plus in my opinion), and her type of stubborn (firm in her beliefs but willing to change for the benefit of others) was well suited with the world that this story... Continue Reading →

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