Until Jax by Aurora Rose Reynolds

My Thoughts... Time for some honesty… Since I didn’t love Until July, I didn’t have high expectations for Until Jax. For some reason I expected Ellie to be flaky, and so sucked up in the victim mentality that I would hate reading about her character. I also expected for Jax and Ellie to play the... Continue Reading →


When I Fall by J. Daniels

My Thoughts... What I might say next could be considered blasphemous to all the Alabama Summer fans out there, but When I Fall is the first book out of this series that I have read. Let the outrage begin… Believe me I know the injustice I've done to myself. When I Fall was amazing from... Continue Reading →

Liability by C.A. Rose

My Thoughts... I have to admit there was a lot of confusion surrounding Liability's release. For one, I was under the impression that the Alfha Law Firm series was written and published under Aurora Rose Reynolds. Secondly, I didn’t know if Liability was a teaser into the full book or not. Lo and behold Aurora Rose... Continue Reading →

Tainted Black by Shanora Williams

My Thoughts... I really wasn’t going to write a review on Tainted Black because I was too into my feelings immediately after I finished reading. Now that’s its been a good 30-45 mins. after, I realized that I have to get these feelings down on paper and eventually out to the book world before I go... Continue Reading →

Charlie Foxtrot by Lani Lynn Vale

My Thoughts... I have been anticipating Charlie Foxtrot since we were introduced to Blake when she confronted Foster in the diner. That scene was like a bell being rung, signaling the start of a battle to submission between Foster and Blake. Boom, right then I knew that Blake would be the challenge that Foster needed to... Continue Reading →

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