The Bad Boy CEO by Sugar Jamison

My Thoughts... Between a hot CEO who doesn’t mind getting his hands bloody and dirty to a shotgun wielding mad woman slash hairstylist, The Bad Boy CEO, became a quick favorite of mine. I truly didn’t know what to expect from The Bad Boy CEO, but from the description I knew there would some head... Continue Reading →


Hot Shade by Tamara Lush

My Thoughts... While romantic suspense featuring journalist and/or politics or politicians aren’t my thing, Hot Shade did a great job of pulling me in and making it extremely hard for me to put it down. But, I have to admit, when I would put it down thoughts of what twists and turns the story could... Continue Reading →

Inflame Me by Ryan Michele

My Thoughts... I am kind of stumped as to the purpose behind the writing of Inflame Me. If it was to reveal the mystery we were left with at the end of Consume Me, that was accomplished in the first few chapters. If it was about Tanner and Rhys, I truly believe that their relationship,... Continue Reading →

The Face of Deception by Iris Johansen

My Thoughts... The Face of Deception will be my second exposure or debut into where mystery and suspense being the primary genre. My first being Killer Instinct by Zoe Sharp from the Charlie Fox Thriller series. The prologue blew me away! I could feel the agony that Eve Duncan was going through, especially when it was... Continue Reading →

Kill Shot by Lani Lynn Vale

My Thoughts... Kill Shot was the bomb all the way through. Never did there come a time when I wanted to put the book down, yell at the characters, or just be done with the book in its entirety. From the first moment we meet Bennett and Lennox I became glued to my reading device, nothing... Continue Reading →

Double Tap by Lani Lynn Vale

My Thoughts... Double Tap had a different tone than Center Mass did. While all of Lani Lynn Vale's stories are family based, Double Tap, had a serious home feel to it. I felt like I was one of the family as I was reading about Nico and Georgia's religious practices, their expectations for their siblings,... Continue Reading →

Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs

My Thoughts... A huge recalibration of the paranormal food chain had just taken place in Fair Game, this series' fourth installment, and you would think that all Fae problems would have become non-existent since they have declared themselves against humans, but who could've guessed that taking a surprise trip to Scottsdale, Arizona would cause problems... Continue Reading →

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