Beyond Her Words by Bink Cummings

My Thoughts... After reading The MC Chronicles, I truly didn’t know what to expect with this read, and reading the first few pages of this book I didn’t think that Beyond Her Words was going to cut it for me. It wasn’t until I hit chapter two that I started craving every page, paragraph, and... Continue Reading →


Play Dirty by L.P. Maxa

My Thoughts... What does one do with a broken, barely hanging on rockstar and a stiff physician assistant who needs to be taught to let loose? Well according to L.P. Maxa’s Play Dirty, you place said physician assistant in close proximity with said rockstar who’s sex appeal is off the charts and let their personalities... Continue Reading →

Reap by Tillie Cole

My Thoughts... After finishing Raze I didn’t think that another character, or story like Reap, could threaten the place in my heart that had Luca's name stamped on it, but Zaal gave him a run for his money. Zaal’s story was so heart-breaking, if you were to compare them, almost more heart breaking than Luca’s... Continue Reading →

Reaper’s Fall by Joanna Wylde

My Thoughts... Never, never, never could I have imagined how Painter and Melanie’s story was going to play out. The opening scene in Reaper's Fall, had me stuck to my reading device, and then left me like, “What The Heck”when it went back to Painter being in jail?! After I calmed down, though, the questions that... Continue Reading →

River of Deceit by Sasha Marshall

My Thoughts... I don’t know if it was the brattiness of Sasha Marshall’s fans or not that prompted her to post chapters either daily or weekly on Wattpad weeks before River of Deceit’s release but I am grateful. Being able to read this book before it’s publication helped me to know that there were still... Continue Reading →

Coup De Grace by Lani Lynn Vale

My Thoughts... I hate repeating myself but in the case of this series and author I don’t mind at all…Coup De Grace was amazing! I have been waiting and also dreading Michael’s book since Double Tap, when it was made known that there was some drama that needed to be ironed out between Nikki and... Continue Reading →

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