The Queen of All That Dies by Laura Thalassa

I've started and stopped The Queen of All That Dies twice thanks to my Kindle Unlimited subscription, but since I took the plunge and bought this one and it's sequel while it was on sale, I was determined to finish The Queen of All That Dies this time. Now that I've turned the last page,... Continue Reading →


His Piece of Peace by B. Love

His Piece of Peace was so different from the other urban fiction stories I've read. In closing the last page, I was kind of lost on my thoughts on all that it contained, hopefully I can work things out in this review. His Piece of Peace was definitely an insta-love story. Their love story was so... Continue Reading →

Sebring by Kristen Ashley

Oh boy, bear with me y'all. Yes, I was saddened by the story of Sebring, but the kicker was that I was also saddened by the fact that I couldn't connect to it's story, not at all. Before I actually purchased Sebring it had been sitting on my wish list since it became available for pre-order because I knew that... Continue Reading →

Switching Hour by Robyn Peterman

After it was hard to get into the beginning of Switching Hour I took a break from reading it, except I didn't mean to have left it sitting idle for long. Thank goodness I stopped procrastinating and being a brat about things, because I would've missed out on a hilariously sweet and steamy read. Switching... Continue Reading →

Brawler by Scott Hildreth

Hold the phone! Everyone stop what you're doing and read Brawler right freaking now! Nothing that Scott Hildreth has ever written before could've prepared me for the uniqueness, gloriousness, and life-escaping beauty of all that Brawler was. In having read a lot of books, you would think that one would become desensitized to the hope of finding... Continue Reading →

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