Forbidden Hunger by Teresa Gabelman

I have been chomping at the bit to talk about Forbidden Hunger! It's no secret that I haven't been overly impressed with some, a lot, of the stories I've read lately, and while Forbidden Hunger wasn't a 5 star read for me, it still knocked my freaking socks off. I knew, I just knew, that... Continue Reading →


Unleashed by Scott Hildreth

I wasn't going to write a review on Unleashed because I didn't think that I could come up with anything new to say about Ripp. I also didn't know if I would have anything really to say about the story in its totality since Unleashed and I got off to a rocky start. But, since something... Continue Reading →

A Gentleman Never Tells by Eloisa James

A Gentleman Never Tells by Eloisa James was both a refreshing and completely satisfying read; the easiest 5 star rating I've ever given! "What on earth are you talking about, Mr.-" she stopped, catching the look in his eye. "Oliver." "Say it again." "What -" Oliver succumbed to temptation and pulled her into his arms. "Say... Continue Reading →

Bearly Accidental by Dakota Cassidy

I've always wanted to read a Dakota Cassidy book because they look so fun, and the reviews have reflected that as well. But, it was when I began reading Accidentally Dead, the second book in the series that Bearly Accidental is in, when I found myself having trouble getting into its story. After some thought, I... Continue Reading →

Audacious by Beth Moore

After watching the 3-part TV series by Beth Moore on audacity I put two and two together and came up with the need to read/listen to Audacious by Beth Moore. As to reviewing it for my blog I was hesitant to do so because I didn't know if I could write a review on a non-fiction, christian living book, and... Continue Reading →

Rock Chick Regret by Kristen Ashley

When I accidentally thought Rock Chick Regret was next after Rock Chick Revenge and I read a little of the prologue, I knew this story was going to blow me away. I was right, but I didn't factor in the heartbreak or tears that would prick my eyes as I read Rock Chick Regret. Sadie easily... Continue Reading →

The Bears Unwanted Baby by Amy Star

So after picking up The Bears Unwanted Baby because of both it's title and synopsis, in my mind I painted this angsty love story where the hero, who happened to be a bear, would reject the baby he made with the human for whatever reason until conditions proved that he was wrong and he would... Continue Reading →

Flash Point by Lani Lynn Vale

Ooo wee! Me and Flash Point have been through some things and they all happened before I opened it's pages! I have to laugh to myself because never have I ever been scared to read a Lani Lynn Vale story, never. I wasn't afraid there would be cheating involved, because I know that Lani Lynn Vale would... Continue Reading →

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