Tailored for Trouble by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

I've never read a Mimi Jean Pamfiloff story before, so I didn't know what to expect with Tailored for Trouble, but having a slew of hilarious supporting characters, excellent writing, and relatable and real characters it turned out better than I thought. The battle of wills between Bennett Wade and Taylor Reed was so hilarious, steamy, and so... Continue Reading →


Blood of the Earth by Faith Hunter

When I started Blood of the Earth my excitement spiked because I knew with a Faith Hunter story I would get a great dose of fantasy and suspense. What I didn't expect, though, was to end up only liking two characters out of Blood of the Earth and struggling to get through the beginning portion.... Continue Reading →

Blood Cross by Faith Hunter

In my review of Skinwalker I hinted, somewhat, at how I thought that Blood Cross and I wouldn't get along, but I am glad to say that my assumption was way off the mark; like football field size. In Blood Cross, the 2nd installation of the Jane Yellowrock series, we are given more of an... Continue Reading →

Barbarian Lover by Ruby Dixon

I wasn't going to write a review on Barbarian Lover because I didn't think that I had a whole lot to say about it (I seriously need to stop doubting my reactions to any book that happens to be in my hands), but after a day or so went by I couldn't get its story out... Continue Reading →

Barbarian Alien by Ruby Dixon

Before reading Barbarian Alien, I was seriously on the fence about whether or not I would even read its story, or if I wanted to skip it and move on to book 3 in this series. The reason behind my indecision and my back and forth behavior falls onto one character's shoulders alone, Liz's - the heroine... Continue Reading →

Make It Rain by Sasha Marshall

Goodness gracious! On the heels of River of Deceit I could in no way see the story of Make It Rain. My imagination couldn't even conceive all that went on in this read. Gah, the feels I'm feeling right now! For those of you who don't know, Make It Rain is fifth book in Sasha Marshall's... Continue Reading →

Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

Never did I ever think that Magic Bites and I would see each other again. The history that we have is mostly bad, and I thought it would stay that way...until now. When I first picked up Magic Bites I found myself hating the story and vowing to never pick it up or it's sequels,... Continue Reading →

Hard by Scott Hildreth

I am so mad at Scott Hildreth right now for the story of Hard. I want to yell at him and I also want to complement him on a job freaking well done. Just know that just because Hard wasn't a 5 star read for me doesn't mean that it wasn't a unique and engaging... Continue Reading →

Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

It's no secret that I've been wanting to read an Ilona Andrews story that would resonate with me since Magic Bites and I didn't hit it off so well, at least the first time I read it. It brings a smile to my face that Clean Sweep wove a tale that sucked me in and... Continue Reading →

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