When Bae’s Boss 2 by Lucinda John

When Bae’s A Boss 2 was one of my most anticipated reads of the second half of 2016. With the way When Bae’s A Boss ended I lost my mind a little, I seriously needed to know what happened next. Usually with cliffhangers I will respond in one or two ways; (1) in anger which leads... Continue Reading →


Dirtiest Secret by J. Kenner

That freaking ending!! Lately I’ve been getting suckered into a whole lot of series thanks to the first book having an ending that I just can’t ignore. Having never read a J. Kenner, or Julie Kenner, book before I really didn’t know what to expect with Dirtiest Secret, but when I started reading I could not... Continue Reading →

Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews

Finding a series that continues to deliver book after book like the Kate Daniels series is such a blessing and treasure. Magic Strikes again blew me away. It should be criminal to have such a unique, engaging, and appealing storyline and to have a narrator that brings every character to life. After the showdown that... Continue Reading →

Nitro’s Torment by Nina Levine

Nitro’s Torment was so completely different from Relent that I have nothing to compare. The only common denominator between the two is the craziness of King, leader of Sydney Storm MC. In the difference of Nitro’s Torment I found myself going through a number of emotions and expectations, but the constant that I was grateful... Continue Reading →

Relent by Nina Levine

Color me surprised! I actually found myself liking Relent when I had such conflicting thoughts about Storm. It was early on that I knew that Relent was going to be a story I enjoyed, whether this knowledge came from Evie’s character or Kick’s character I couldn’t tell you, it might’ve been a combo of both.... Continue Reading →

Wild and Free by Kristen Ashley

It's no secret that I love Kristen Ashley and her writing, I've even been able to collect quite a few favorites among them, but in saying that I have to admit that her Three series is my least favorite. The first two books in this series were a struggle to get through, and it was because... Continue Reading →

Junkie by Heather C. Leigh (Quick Review)

I really wanted to like Junkie. The subject matter of its story, thank to its synopsis, was very sensitive but I was intrigued. For some reason dark romance stories fascinate me. But it between the weird motivations behind Jagger's attraction to Miri, and his allowance of Miri staying at the mansion when there were all types... Continue Reading →

Much Ado About You by Eloisa James

Much Ado About You was another story that I really wished that I ended up loving. It had everything I love about a historical romance, but the execution (maybe it was the character that made up its story) just turned this story off for me from the beginning to almost the end. After having finished... Continue Reading →

Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley

I am so in love with Wildest Dreams that it’s not even funny! My fascination with the Fantasyland series was so bad that I intentionally skipped reading all of the reviews I came across on this series. I LOVE going into a Kristen Ashley story with virgin thoughts and expectation, and for some reason I had... Continue Reading →

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