The Next to Die by Kevin O’Brien (Quick Review)

What really grabbed my attention about The Next To Die was its synopsis. I am a serious sucker for mystery thriller stories in audio that leave me guessing until the very end, and that was the vibe that the synopsis gave me. The crazy thing is, the story delivered on the mystery part, but throughout... Continue Reading →


The Purest Hook by Scarlett Cole

The Purest Hook by Scarlett Cole started off awesome, for some reason that I cannot name, that opening scene had me riveted. But, let me backtrack a little bit, I picked up The Purest Hook for a number of reasons, but the two that were the most convincing were the price tag and the cover,... Continue Reading →

Dirty by Scott Hildreth (Quick Review)

On my gosh, my bleeding heart! Forget what the title says and whatever assumptions you might’ve come up with in your head about Dirty, trash them because you’ll be 100% wrong. After reading Rough I with admit to prejudging Cholo, other than some of the things he said I didn't know much about his character.... Continue Reading →

Rough by Scott Hildreth

Since I’m still early into Scott Hildreth’s Selected Sinners series it took me a minute to remember the storyline for his Fifth F*ckers MC series. But let me be clear…I knew who PeeBee was, I just had to put that out there. In knowing this small (monumental) piece of information was really all I needed... Continue Reading →

Poison Makers by Jimmy Olsen

On the heels of having finished The Hero of Blind Pig Island I couldn’t understand why I didn't immediately jump into reading Poison Makers when the author kindly sent me a copy.  I guess I would have to chalk the 'why' behind it to the fact that I was either scared that I couldn't get lucky... Continue Reading →

Pirate by Eve Langlais

Why did I wait so long to listen to Pirate?! Matter of fact why did I wait so long to read an Eve Langlais story?! Between the humor, sexiness, and just story in general I am hooked for all other stories by Langlais. Pirate was so unexpected both in how the story was constructed and... Continue Reading →

Everything For Her by Alexa Riley

When the news hit that Alexa Riley, the queens of short, sexy, over-the-top alpha males, were coming out with a series of full-length novels I really didn’t know what to thing. Will I say that because of their success with shorter novels that I was skeptical of how this new series would work for me and their... Continue Reading →

Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley

Whew! Walk Through Fire started off in a direction that I could've never imagined, considering that the previous stories in this series seemed to have followed the same model this change perked my attention right up. Its story carried this same unpredictable theme throughout its entirety, but I will admit to skimming through parts for a few reasons:... Continue Reading →

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