God Is Able by Priscilla Shirer

When I finished Beth Moore’s A Heart Like His bible study I knew without a shadow of a doubt, although I did try to come up with other suggestions, that God is Able would be the next bible study I would do. I was hesitant because I didn’t think that learning how God is able... Continue Reading →


Down Shift by K. Bromberg

If I remember correctly I read the first book of the Driven series and enjoyed it enough that I played with the idea of continuing on in the series but it just never happened. When Down Shift became available to read and review for RT Book Reviews I thought it would be the perfect chance... Continue Reading →

Fury by Laurann Dohner

I will not say that I had high hopes for Fury because I really didn't know what to expect with its story. It's one thing to read the synopsis and reviews and assume but its quite another to actually read the story and experience it yourself. I was expecting to fall in love with this... Continue Reading →

Viking by Jenika Snow

Ugh! These synopsis to Jenika Snow's books are so enticing! The synopsis of Viking had everything I love about an insta love story and a historical romance, when I read the synopsis I was done for. Sadly, even with my intentions and hopes of really liking the story of Viking things just didn't work out that... Continue Reading →

Feral by Jenika Snow

Again, like Riding Her Rough, the synopsis of Feral grabbed me and made it necessary to read its story. I was confused though on what I wanted to rate Feral because of the mixture of feelings I had towards its story, but hopefully through this review I can organize my thoughts and see exactly where on... Continue Reading →

Shade by Jamie Begley

I just want to clarify before I begin telling you my thoughts on Shade by stating that anything I say past this statement will never do this book justice, I truly believe there aren't any words in any language to accurately state how magnificent this book was. As soon as I got wind that Jamie Begley... Continue Reading →

Lucky’s Choice by Jamie Begley

I knew that as soon as I read the prologue that I was going to need to write a review of Lucky's Choice. Maybe I should’ve known sooner since I’ve been waiting for Lucky’s book since Razor’s Ride. To be honest the ‘when’ of knowing I would needs to speak about my thoughts on this... Continue Reading →

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