Claimed Princess by Alexa Riley

On the heels of finishing Stolen Princess I was really looking forward to Carlos and Heavenly's story. Claimed Princess gave so much life to the imaginings I had towards their story that I can't really say anything against it. With the few pieces of information we were able to glean about their relationship dynamic, somewhat... Continue Reading →


Stolen Princess by Alexa Riley

Reading the reviews on Stolen Princess I didn't know if I would even come to care for its story or if I should just skip it and go on to the next one. But because I'm anal about reading things in order I just chose to dive into Stolen Princess and hope for the best and my... Continue Reading →

Mine To Possess by Nalini Singh

I have been waiting for Clay's story ever since we met him in Slave to Sensation. Mine to Possess was an amazing look into Clay's past and the intricate details that made him one of the most dangerous Changelings in Nalini Singh's dynamic and unique Psy-Changeling world. Gaining a well-rounded view of the stories I'd already read... Continue Reading →

The Unyielding by Shelly Laurenston

In first starting The Unyielding I kept flip flopping between loving its story and really wanting it to just get to its climax. It was only once I got to the end that everything that had taken place, everything that had been said made sense and I gained a better appreciation for the story of The... Continue Reading →

Trusting Bull by Jordan Marie

I was so scared to jump into Trusting Bull. I've made it no secret about the struggles I've found in getting through the stories by Jordan Marie lately, but I was in the mood for an interracial story and Trusting Bull spoke to me the loudest. Now while my fears were legitimate it gladdens my heart to... Continue Reading →

Beard Mode by Lani Lynn Vale

Yes! Beard Mode was everything I had my fingers crossed for! Except for Lani Lynn Vale's Uncertain Saints MC series I am in deep love with her Dixie Wardens. So Beard Mode, the first story in Vale's Alabama Chapter of the Dixie Wardens, Dixie Wardens Rejects MC, fits right into what I've been looking for. I... Continue Reading →

Vision of Heat by Nalini Singh

Just with how great my re-read of Slave to Sensation revealed so many new things to me, Vision of Heat carried on the same theme. I knew from my first time reading Vision of Heat that it was a favorite purely for Vaughn and Faith's character, but during my second time reading my thoughts on both of... Continue Reading →

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