Flirtation of Fate (Wild Embrace) by Nalini Singh @NaliniSingh @BerkleyRomance

Besides the lieutenants and soldiers in Snow Dancer that were mentioned in Kiss of Snow and Tangle of Need, not much has been said about the others, well...other than Cooper. But with the small glimpses we were able to get it was made known that Kenji and Garnet has some issues that needed to be worked... Continue Reading →


Fate Book by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

After having read my first Mimi Jean Pamfiloff story, Tailored For Trouble, I'll admit that I was excited to read Fate Book. Its synopsis alone hooked me in and made it hard to turn it down for something else, but in the actual reading of Fate Book I found that the synopsis was a little... Continue Reading →

A Hustler’s Tears by Natasha Raynor

It been a while since I've read an Urban Fiction story and I'm glad, somewhat, that A Hustler's Tears was the first I dived back into. When A Hustler's Tears first started I immediately became glad that its story wasn't going to bog me down with multiple storylines right off the bat, leaving me to utilize... Continue Reading →

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