Archangel’s Viper by Nalini Singh

It seriously took me a minute to remember if Viper was Venom’s name, but I think my confusion came from the rarity of characters and book titles that start with the letter ‘V.’ Anyway, Archangel’s Viper was somewhat different than the other secondary character stories within the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh. I wanted... Continue Reading →


The Devil’s Cut by J.R. Ward

As much as I was anticipating The Devil's Cut I have to admit that I wasn't as blown away by it as I was towards the first two installments in J.R. Ward's Bourbon King series. In actuality my feeling towards this installment had nothing to do with Edward ending up with Sutton instead of Shelby,... Continue Reading →

Erasing Hell by Francis Chan

Before reading Erasing Hell by Francis Chan I can honestly say that other than the one Christian living book that I read when I first became a Christian, can't really remember the name of its title, I have never been challenged and really given a uncompromising view of Jesus' truth and the stark reminder of... Continue Reading →

The Charmer by Autumn Dawn

It looks like I'm revisiting all of my favorites, and The Charmer by Autumn Dawn has definitely made that list. Before I even knew what goodreads or paranormal romance was I was hooked into this series by Autumn Dawn. All it took was for me to read The Charmer and I knew that I would... Continue Reading →

Reaper’s Legacy by Joanna Wylde

I can't believe that I loved Reaper's Legacy more than Reaper's Property when I first read them. If it wasn't Sophie getting on my nerves, then it was the cat and mouse game that Ruger and Sophie played with each other. I must need my head checked out because despite these irritants I really ended... Continue Reading →

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