Fat Louise by Jamie Begley

Fat Louise by Jamie Begley was both a surprise and a treat for many reasons, I’ll try to detail them all in this review but if I can’t try to add this story – heck this entire series – to your never ending TBR and experience it for yourself.

With the way things ended in both Sex Piston – all we learned about Fat Louise, and (I believe) Shade, the entire world that Jamie Begley created within these two interconnected series went around a bend that I am completely blind to. I don’t know what storylines will come from what characters, nor who will be paired with who, and I absolutely love it! Almost all the characters that are the main focus in Fat Louise, beside Fat Louise, are new the Biker Bitches series and it was refreshing to have some new blood swimming amongst all the characters that we’ve read about for approximately 10 books; both between the Biker Bitches series and The Last Riders. With that being said, new characters definitely equaled new problems for this rag tag crew.

Fat Louise, we find out, has a half-sister who is definitely a spoiled brat and finds herself in some trouble that she’s too dumb to realize she’s in (I’m going to be super harsh on the sister because she really couldn’t see past her nose throughout Fat Louise). Being the person that Fat Louise is she attempts to rescue her and winds up in a hostile country that doesn’t look favorably upon Americans entering and sticking their nose in business that doesn’t concern them, but with this turn of events we are introduced to Cade.

Cade is somewhat of an unfinished hero and definitely needs some polishing, but Fat Louise’s dad is desperate to get either both daughters back or at least the one he knows won’t survive on her own – you take a guess to which one he’s speaking about (*severe eye-roll*). Knowing what the mission is and satisfied with the payout Cade sets out to do what he does best, retrieve and live the nomadic lifestyle, but he seriously wasn’t expecting the backbone, sheer will, and beauty that is Fat Louise.

There were so many ups and downs and raw moments within Fat Louise that you find yourself getting lost in what’s going on not only with Fat Louise, Cade, and the sister, but with all the characters and situations they find themselves in. This installment in the Biker Bitches series also sets up the stage for Killyama’s story and Begley let’s the cat out of the bag about who the knight will be that will try to slay that dragon.

Fat Louise contained suspense, mystery, romance, comedy, and realistic moments that I begrudgingly want to yell from the rooftops that this installment might be my favorite out of this series so far. Fat Louise is such a meek characters that I’m still baffled by how much liked reading about her story.


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