Spoonful of Magic by Irene Radford

Spoonful of Magic by Irene Radford had great potential. The elements that the author created to make up this story were so unique and entertaining, but I felt that not everything that the author wanted to include was fleshed out as much as it should’ve been, which left a lot for the reader to wonder about.

A little ways into Spoonful of Magic I found myself confused about the relational dynamic between G and Daffy, before the blow up and after. I will say that I would’ve rather read about how their marriage was before it imploded so I could’ve understood where exactly Daffy was coming from because her anger towards G’s betrayal didn’t feel authentic and realistic. Also, G being so nonchalant about cheating on his wife and still playing the role or provider and protector had question marks popping up left and right and all over.

Not only was G and Daffy’s relationship weird, I needed a better explanation of the magical world, or its current setting within Spoonful of Magic. If you’ve followed me on this blog for a while you were there when my love for fantasy and urban fantasy stories were birthed, and you would know that since this love conception I have dived face first into its world. Saying that, I understand that first stories in a series have a tough job of setting up the world that an entire series is going to be based off of, as well as setting up character storylines and conflict, but Spoonful of Magic felt like I was thrown into the middle of a first in a series instead of the very beginning. With Daffy explaining how the existence of magic was somewhat normal or something that people tolerated but then couldn’t seem to grasp certain elements that surrounded G and what was going with him was another inconsistency that left me puzzled.

Now with the main issues I had with Spoonful of Magic discussed and out of the way I can now speak on the things that made this story a fascinating read. The individual characters were very entertaining and unique from other characters I’ve read about before in other fantasy series. Maybe it’s because they’re a married couple with unique kids but something about their banter and aggression towards each other made the pages easily breeze past as I read. It also didn’t hurt that the flow of Radford’s writing style was addictive and made Spoonful of Magic hard to put down.

Between the sarcastic dialogue fitting so well with the characters and story, how the mystery surrounding G, Daffy, their kids and the magical world grabbed my attention, and the badass vibe emanating from G alone Spoonful of Magic could’ve contended for un-put-down-able read status, but the execution of all this potential soured its success for me.


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