Forged By Desire by Bec McMaster

My Thoughts…

***Thanks to Tantor Audio for supplying this audiobook in exchange for a honest and unbiased review

Forged By Desire by Bec McMaster really made me regret not reading/listening to this series in order. I couldn’t connect with this story for many reasons:

  1. I had no idea where these characters came from within McMaster’s London Steampunk series
  2. The opening scene or prologue threw me because I couldn’t decide if it was a dream of the hero’s or if that event really happened or was going to happen
  3. There were too many characters and variables for me to keep up with that sort of made Forged By Desire feel like the sequel to events that were already mentioned and by my recollection My Lady Quicksilver didn’t mention the conflict that was going on in this fourth installment (I could be wrong, but I just don’t remember)
  4. Lastly, the whole Blueblood aspect is starting to get old. I would’ve thought that by now with all the flaws in this political structure that someone would’ve already dismantled it.

If it hadn’t felt like I was missing a piece of the story I’m sure that I would’ve enjoyed Forged By Desire. The romance felt authentic but the sometimes overly cautious attitude of the hero quickly got on my nerves. Hopefully for the last book I have left to listen to for this series does more for me than Forged By Desire.


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