About Me!

leonaHi all,

While I am studying for my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, and trying to navigate this game we call life I strive to cram in as many life changing stories as I can.

Seeing that I am very opinionated, can be sweet to those who are sweet to me, and am an all-time sucker for a life-altering romance, my reading style/tastes, don’t really fit into any one category.

It took a while but I’ve come to realization that romance comes in many forms, and without even knowing I had a goal towards figuring out in just how many ways this is so, I find myself hungry for this knowledge.

I started Literary Treasure Chest close to mid July 2014. I had blogged in the past, but never to the extent of participating in events, doing book reviews, or sharing my opinion on topics that I felt passionate about. I was full of so many ideas and thoughts, all surrounding books, that I knew that I had to find an outlet, and from this Literary Treasure Chest was formed. But since its inception I’ve branched, my passions have pretty much skyrocketed and my hope is that I can articulate it all and share it with you.

I’m a college student going for my Bachelor’s degree in Communications directed towards Professional Writing. I am also a freelance reviewer for RT Book Reviews, which is a great and fulfilling experience. I’m a very passionate and practical reader. I love the books that I read to make sense and have logical situations, not emotional moments that come from no where and do not continue on in the spirit of the book.

My ideal book involves a love story that either makes my heart race, makes me swoon, makes me read non-stop until the sun comes up, leaves me with a big smile on my face in contentment, makes me feel the characters’ emotions as though they were my own, and doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending – the books I love just need to have an ending that isn’t dumb.

I have a love/hate relationship with cliff-hangers and will almost always refuse to read books that have them if the sequel isn’t already out or on its way to hitting Amazon or other book seller sites. I also am not fan of love triangle scenarios/tropes, whether it’s clear which two characters are meant to be together or not (if by some miracle I happen to read one it’ll have to be pretty spectacular – just saying).

I love books where the characters go through hardship and have big obstacles that they need to overcome, because it brings something real to the story.

I love a story with mysterious ending, where you don’t know if there will be a HEA or not, where the character HEA might not be what’s ‘right,’ or that doesn’t leave the reader looking around in wonder trying to figure out how to go on with their everyday lives after being emotionally drained, in the best way.

I sometimes love highly emotional books. I say ‘sometimes’ because I don’t want to have to going to a therapist for the rest of my life.

I love ALPHA heroes. I like ’em hawt, strong, possessive, protective, crazy (sometimes literally) about their girl, assertive, and sometimes packaged with a softer side. They can be a tortured hero, but regardless of how they came to be who they are they need to have a don’t-mess-with-me vibe about them.

I hope you all enjoy the material that’s posted here, and please never fell shy about leaving comments, I read all of them and I try to respond to them all as well. Every statement counts, and I love hearing what others are reading, or what others think about book news and topics that interest them. Any recommendations?? I’ll take those too lol!

Readers Unite!


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