Copyright & FTC Disclaimer


My reviews, posts and special features are copyright of Literary Treasure Chest unless otherwise noted. So please don’t take them and claim them as your own. The book covers on my site are from Goodreads or Amazon, any other graphic, unless stated otherwise, are mine. Please know that I do not own any of the book covers or other graphics specified as such.

If there is an image appearing on this site that belongs to you and you do not wish for it to appear on Literary Treasure Chest, please contact me and I will take it down immediately.

FTC Disclaimer

In accordance with the current FTC disclosure rules for bloggers and reviewers, the books you see reviewed on the site are either purchased by me or are obtained through NetGalley, Edelweiss, or directly from the author or publisher in an exchange for an honest review.

Affiliate Links & Codes

Links leading to Amazon or NoseGraze may very well be affiliate links. A small commission is earned on any purchases made via those links. As of Feb. 2017 I am not an affiliate anywhere else.


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